The 18th edition was held on 21-23 of February 2024 at the Double Tree by Hilton Hotel in Warsaw. The theme of the event was "Energy Optimization and Energy Saving on the Road to Industry 4.0." In the face of rapid industrial development, sustainable progress and rising energy costs, this topic has become crucial for the paint industry.

After a 4-year interruption, the event brought together 526 participants from 213 businesses.

The audience of paint materials and components included 213 people from 120 companies, which was highly appreciated by the exhibitors, for whom the presence of potential customers determines logthe success of the event.



An integral part of the event is the exhibitors' zone, which was joined by 56 companies offering the latest solutions and products.



Three days full of intensive discussions, presentations and exchange of experiences provided participants not only with new knowledge, but also with practical experience on how to optimize processes in industrial painting.

The lectures were given by 31 Prelegents:

  • Wojciech Wilczek from Wagner-Service with the theme:

    "SenseFlow - the premiere of Wagner's revolutionary technology for measuring and controlling powder coating output in the perspective of Industry 4.0."

  • Andreas Orre from Hangon z tematem
    "Can your paint line become more sustainable and profitable? Yes, it can!"
  • Jędrzej Kowalczyk  from Fanuc:
    "Modern technology and production robotization paired with data analysis systems - a remedy for the challenges of modern industry."
  • Jerzy Kozłowski from GSI SLV:
    "How to convince a potential customer of your ability to perform properly anti-corrosion work?"
  • Krystian Kowalski from Haug Chemie:
    "When is it worth using low-temperature technologies?"
  • Paweł Mastalerz  from GP Pulvertechnik:
    "The new face of energy powder coatings - IGP-DURA®one."
  • Brian E. Larsen z firmy AABO z tematem:
    "An innovative and sustainable way of thinking about the paint shop of the future."
  • Rafał Kretkiewicz from Chemetall:
    "VIANT technology - a new way to protect against corrosion."
  • Jędrzej Pozorski from  Wagner-Service:
    "Adapting automation and robotization to meet the changing needs of customers in the era of Industry 4.0 Case studies."
  • Dr Agnieszka Królikowska from the Road and Bridge Research Institute:
    "The influence of the quality of zinc immersion coatings and the preparation of their surfaces prior to coating with liquid and powder paint coatings on the durability of the protection."
  • Rafał Kosałka from Tiger:
    "What affects powder coating performance and cost in the application process? How to apply low-temperature powder coatings?"
  • Barbara Bidzińska from  Eurotom:
    "Quality control and efficiency of painting processes in the era of Industry 4.0."
  • Grzegorz Wojciechowski from Novol:
    "What aspects drive costs in the paint shop?"
  • Stanislav Sulla from Konica Minolta:
    "Effective color management in daily practice."
  • Sebastian Gęsior from Multifarb:
    "Powder coatings - the future is today."
  • Paweł Marciniec from Kairos:
    "10x less energy consumption in surface preparation - case studies."
  • Marcin Chmielewski from PPG:
    "PPG's energy-efficient systems in the commercial transportation and light industrial coatings industry. Benefit analysis and savings calculator."
  • Frank Brunning from Emptmeyer:
    "Material savings using optimized paint hooks."
  • Michał Mikołajczyk from Axalta:
    "Two-coat anti-corrosion solutions from Axalta Coating Systems."
  • Tomasz Bednarek from Dupont:
    "How to optimize the wear and tear of painters' clothing?"
  • Krzysztof Siuda from Merazet:
    "Coatmaster - equipment for non-contact measurement of powder coatings before polymerization."
  • Zygmunt Dyks from Eko-Color:
    "Low-temperature powder coatings - innovative solutions in protective coatings."
  • Grzegorz Sławek from Henkel:
    "Automation of surface preparation processes."
  • Piotr Szulc from ITA:
    "Reducing costs and stabilizing the coating process through ongoing and automated coating thickness measurement."
  • Paweł Poreda from Sciteex:
    "Automation of shotblasting and grinding - new trends."
  • Andrzej Jelonek from the Qualipol association ​​​​​​:
    "Challenges of the future in the protective coatings industry."
  • Jacek Hubert Grzech from Eurowater
    "Demi water production, closure of demi water scrubber circuits, bath filtration, removal of heavy metals from wastewater."
  • Przemysław Ramult from Elhus:
    "How do we create optimized and cost-effective chemical processes that fit into sustainable industrial development?"
  • Alessio Carlotto from ST Powder:
    "Powder coatings that are really cool."
  • Sylwester Tkacz from Blastron Blastron:
    "Varnishing and shotblasting under full control - Presentation of solutions for paint shops - with reduction of VOC emissions, and shotblasting plants with the use of control and supervision systems in line with "Industry 4.0" technology aimed at control of operating costs, productivity of workstations, and optimization of the production process."

We are pleased that our symposium has contributed to the development of participants' competencies and the creation of long-term relationships between representatives of different industries, and we already invite you to the next, 19th edition in 2025.

More details are coming soon, we invite you to follow the news.

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